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2023 year of the rabbit 3D FUWARI

2023 Lunar New Year
Year of the rabbit!

To celebrate 2023 and welcome in the Lunar New Year, Wilcom is trying something a little different. Fuwari Embroidery!

Fuwari is a unique embroidery technique that can be achieved with any embroidery machine. It creates a tactile, fur-like embroidery that is beautifully soft to the touch.

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We’re starting this Lunar New Year by sharing this fun project. Our in-house digitizer requested we experiment with 3D Fuwari, and this was the perfect opportunity to do it!

  • Your favorite embroidery thread
  • 3D foam
  • Heat sealing stabilizer
  • Shaver

Digitize the rabbit design with an open Tatami stitch. Use a stitch length and spacing of 1.2mm with no tie-in or tie-off.

Frame with no stabilizer and place a layer of 3D foam (or 2 layers of 3D foam) on top of the fabric. Start embroidering the rabbit Fuwari design through the 3D layers. If your embroidery machine allows, you may need to adjust the pressure foot to compensate for the extra height.

Fuwari embroidery
Fuwari embroidery

Once embroidered, select a strong heat seal stabilizer that holds the bobbin stitching in place. We used a local product called ‘smooth and seal.’ 

Once the rear stitches adhere to the fabric, then the top surface stitches can be cut or shaved with a dedicated cutting machine or thread shaver. 

Fuwari embroidery

The key to this technique is to ensure the bobbin and rear stitches hold firmly.

You are nearly finished, just pull off the 3D foam! 

The result is raised threads you cannot stop running your fingers through!

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Happy Lunar New Year!

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