WiFi USB Stick

Setup Embroidery Connect

Setup your NEW EmbroideryConnect device

March 23, 2020

This “MAGIC” device will send your embroidery files from your EmbroideryStudio 4.5 software directly to your embroidery machine via your wireless network. The setup is simple and relatively quick Attach device to PCOpen Hub softwareJoin the wireless networkProvide basic details of machine and file typeAttach device to your embroidery machineSend filesThere are two methods to […]

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Setting up Wireless Design Transfer with EmbroideryConnect

May 9, 2018

Wilcom EmbroideryConnect is an exciting new solution that enables wireless design transfer capability from your Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4 software to any USB compatible embroidery machine. » Learn more about EmbroideryConnect The solution is a combination of the EmbroideryConnect Element plus the WiFi USB Stick supplied by Wilcom. EmbroideryConnect Set-up Video The following details outlines the set-up […]

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Wireless Design Transfer with Wilcom EmbroideryConnect will Revolutionize your Production

March 14, 2018

A new improvement we released in ES e4 with Update e4.1 is EmbroideryConnect. This new add-on Element allows your Wilcom EmbroideryStudio to send designs to your embroidery machine using your WiFi network, plus a new USB WiFi stick provided by Wilcom. If only I had this in my days! Part of the pain of working […]

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