Create a Colorway then display on an Approval Sheet and email to your Customer

Do you have several versions of the same design, the only difference being the colors?

Creating separate colorways for one design to accommodate different colored garments is a more efficient and much safer method than creating separate designs for each garment. If a change is required to the design then instead of having to change each design you only need to do it once.

The Icon for the Colorway editor can be found in the Docker Toolbar or at the left hand end of the Color Palette.

Colorway Editor

The colorway editor is where you add Colorways. Use the “+” icon to add the colorway and you will be prompted to name it, before it appears as a second list.

See Row 7  – White is replacing Black in the “Black Shirt” list, the new color “white”,  is chosen from the Threads selection at the bottom of the editor. To apply the change either double left click or click the single reel icon along the top of the lower section of the Editor  

Product Visualizer

To display a product on the work area use the Product Visualizer icon which is also fond at the left end of the working color palette.

To the left is an image of the Product Visualizer Products TAB  where you are able to  choose from a preset list of products. These images have been grey scaled to enable you to add custom colors, which are selected under the Settings TAB, illustrated in the image to the right.

In section 1 at the top you are able to scale the product image, in section 2 add a color and in section 3 alter the position of the garment on the work area.

Plot Sheet (Approval)

To create a plot sheet, use the print Preview link  in the File menu or the Icon in the Standard Toolbar.

Choose Options and select Approval Sheet, make sure the blue background is displayed and the check box is selected, then from the Design TAB check the the Product box. OK your selections and finally Send PDF via email.
Your email client will open and attach the form ready to insert the recipients name.

Editing is for Everyone

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