Design Editing Techniques

Embroidery Design Editing Techniques

Frequently used tools & techniques in digitizing

Whether a newbie or you feel like a refresher, this video walks you through some basic, but frequently used techniques for digitizing or editing. It provides a great overview to anyone looking to learn more about embroidery and digitizing.

Prior to digitizing know the fabric for the project.

If supplied by others, import and scale the design to the correct size.

Assign matching threads using the dialog buttons. Or scroll through the Thread list to choose preferred colors.

Whenever you apply satin to a shape, the Auto-split function is on by default. Adjust the auto-split length for the desired look.

It’s important to check connections to make sure objects will stitch out in the most efficient way.

Use Wilcom’s world-class lettering and a variety of baselines to create your logo.

Finally, check the stitching sequence. If necessary, use the Travel tools to study the trim sequence again.

Watch how we use this sample design to showcase various techniques >>

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