Embroidery to Vector Graphics

Embroidery to Vector graphics

Did you know you can easily convert embroidery designs to vector graphics?

How often do you get asked by customers… “Can you send me my embroidery design as graphics for my businesscard?”  This question will no longer create stress in you or your digitizers because we will show you how to NEVER re-draw an embroidery logo again!


You’re probably thinking “how is this possible?” Well, it is made easy with Wilcom’s famous .EMB file format. The EMB file is an object-based file format that works in much the same way as all vector graphic files. This makes communication between programs possible.

With a single click of a button, EmbroideryStudio converts embroidered files to object-based vector graphics. 

See how easy it is ...

Click File – Open and select your embroidery .EMB file.

Click File – Export to Design as Vector

Re-name your new vector graphic design and select either .EPS or .EMF file format. Then simply click the SAVE button.

You have just converted your .EMB file to graphics! This object-based vector graphics is editable in any graphics program. Simple!

Thank you to www.tex-inc.com for providing the realistic Chloe Sheltie digitizing. Sal gives away FREE designs on his website every month. Check it out!

Pro Tip:

For those who want to take it a step further, watch this video… Use a similar process to create vector graphics WITH stitches!

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  1. Wonderful. I must say that you are extremely talented in the field of embroidery and digitizing.Just keep in mind that if you edit the embroidery files, you’ll have to get them re-digitized.The content you shared with us through this article and video is really helpful and it contains the rare information which we can’t easily found. Thanks for sharing.

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