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EmbroideryStudio e4.2 – A sneak peek

EmbroideryStudio e4.2 is released. Click here for more information.

2019 is an exciting year for us at Wilcom. It kicks off with us celebrating our 40th anniversary building world-leading embroidery design solutions, and continues with the release of e4.2 – the latest version of our flagship EmbroideryStudio application.

The theme for e4.2 is speed and performance, plus productivity and usability improvements designed to save you time while digitizing.

So, what’s new in EmbroideryStudio e4.2?

General improvements

64-bit support

e4.2 now supports 64-bit operating system, delivering significant speed and performance improvements. Resource-intensive tasks happen in seconds, dramatically improving your productivity and design output.

Wilcom Home Screen

Enjoy instant access to video tutorials, product hints and tips, community forums posts plus your recent design files from the new Home screen.

Close all windows

Quickly close all active design windows with the new File > Close All.

Improved thumbnail display

Design thumbnails now reflect the display settings at the time of saving, meaning if bitmaps are shown, they will also display in the thumbnail.

Lettering improvements

Font preview & recently used font list

Easily preview your letter with new solid font previews. The preview size can be adjusted, and the preview pane can be enlarged.

Furthermore, access recently used fonts in the font properties window, and set the number of fonts you want to your Recently Used font list.

Improved font selection

Quickly select the font you’re looking for by typing the font name in the font property font list.

Thread & Color improvements

Quick preview of objects by color

Preview design elements using a particular thread by holding down the mouse on a particular thread palette color. When held down, all other colors are hidden showing only the selected color on-screen.

Quick edit of thread palette colors

Quickly edit thread palette colors by double-clicking the thread palette color icon and adjust the color.

Auto-scroll in the Color-Object List

Selecting an object will now automatically scroll to the object in Color-Object List. This gives you instant access to re-sequence the object, group, ungroup, or easily adjust object properties.

Design & digitizing Improvements

New design templates

Enjoy a collection of new editable design templates that you can use to build quick logos for your clients.

Single Mirror Merge toolbar

The Mirror Merge toolbar and settings bar are now merged into a single Mirror Merge toolbar.

Graphical Digitizing improvement

Graphical Digitizing tools now remember the last stitch type used when using a particular tool. This improvement will dramatically improve the efficiency of using the Graphical Digitizing Tools.


…plus a whole lot more!


The US and UK Wilcom teams will be previewing e4.2 at the upcoming ISS Long Beach and Printwear and Promotion LIVE! shows, with the official release being available for ES users by the end of January.

And the great new is… e4.2 is FREE to all e4 and e4.1 users.


15 thoughts on “EmbroideryStudio e4.2 – A sneak peek

    1. Thanks, Jeff! The feedback from our Early Access users has been really positive so we’ve excited about what this release delivers.

  1. I agree with Tania. Steady improvements and all look good. Would still like the ability to rename fonts for better organization of common fonts and the ability to cross reference font names used from previous programs. That would be a huge time saver when trying to find a given font match.

  2. Hi Brenden. Any updated news on possible release date? Looking forward to it…a big thank you to everyone for their hard work!

  3. Looking forward to the update. Will you have more templates for team names? Two lines options.
    1 player name first line and position on second line straight same size font. .50 in tall
    2. Player name straight line with second line fir player number .75 in tall

  4. Brendan, the only bitch I have is the deletion of the pre-select box in Lettering. If I ctl-a to get lettering, please, please return to the v4.5 version & before where the diaglogue box is reverse video ready to accept my typed lettering, please stop me having to click in the box what text I want to type. For god’s sake, if I click lettering option, it means I want to type letters, you don’t need to click again to say what letters.

    1. Hi Arn,

      To clarify… when you select the Lettering ‘A’ icon, and the ‘Lettering’ tab appears in Special, you want the cursor to have focus in the lettering text input field so you can start typing straight away?

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