EmbroideryStudio e4.2 is released

EmbroideryStudio e4.2 is released!

Download e4.2 now!

This update is free to all existing e4.0 and e4.1 users (download link below!), or can be purchased as an update for e3 and below users.

Important note: This initial release of ES e4.2 does not support Design Workflow. Design Workflow users should not install or update to this release at this time.

Download the What’s New in EmbroideryStudio e4.2 flyer |  Download the flyer now!

General Improvements

64-bit – Speed and performance

EmbroideryStudio e4.2 now supports 64-bit operating systems, delivering significant speed and performance improvements. Resource-intensive tasks now happen in seconds, dramatically improving your productivity and design output.

Wilcom Home screen

Enjoy instant access to video tutorials, product hints and tips, community forums posts, as well as your recent design files from the new Home screen.

Close all windows

Quickly close all active design windows with the new File > Close All.

Improved thumbnail display

Design thumbnails now reflect the display settings at the time of saving, meaning if bitmaps are shown, they will also display in the thumbnail.

Lettering improvements

Font preview

Easily preview your letter with new solid font previews. The preview size can be adjusted, and the preview pane can be enlarged.

Recently used font list

Access recently used fonts in the font properties window, then set the number of fonts you want to view in your Recently Used font list.

Improved font selection

Quickly select the font you’re looking for by typing the font name in the font property font list.

Thread & Color Improvements

Quick preview of objects by color

Preview design elements using a particular thread by holding down the mouse on a particular thread palette color.

Quick edit of thread palette colors

Quickly edit thread palette colors by double-clicking the thread palette color icon and adjust the color.

Auto-scroll in the Color-Object List

Selecting an object will now automatically scroll to the object in Color-Object List.

Design & Digitizing Improvements

New design templates

Enjoy a collection of new editable design templates.

Graphical Digitizing improvement

Graphical Digitizing tools now remember the last stitch type used when using a particular tool. This enhancement will dramatically improve the efficiency of using the Graphical Digitizing Tools.

Single Mirror Merge toolbar

The Mirror Merge toolbar and settings bar are now merged into a single Mirror Merge toolbar

Download EmbroideryStudio e4.2

EmbroideryStudio e4 and e4.1 users can download and install EmbroideryStudio e4.2 for free. Click here to download now.

Download the What’s New in EmbroideryStudio e4.2 flyer |  Download now!


25 thoughts on “EmbroideryStudio e4.2 is released

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Have you reported this issue to support? I’m not able to reproduce this issue on my end so it would be good to get some more information.


        1. Hi James. I don’t think this was an issue as no other user has reported it. I think it had something to do with the template Daniel was using.

  1. I see I can’t upgrade because I have Design Workflow. When I bought version 4, my workflow was damaged – I can’t print from there, among other things. Has any fix been done for this? This really causes me to take a lot of extra time. I finally stopped writing to support about it.
    Thank you – Suz

    1. Hi Suz,
      It would be great to get some more info on the issue you are experiencing. Have you raised a support ticket with a reference number that you can point me to?


  2. do in wilcom e4.2
    can we convert more then one run into motifrun ?
    and also can we remove all sequence (spangles) at a time by a toll or key ?

    1. Hi Umair. These new features were not in the vision for e4.2 We’ll certainly consider such improvements for a future release.

  3. Dear Brenden,
    I have ver. 4.1 Studio. Upon opening my Wilcom software, I received the message that ver. 4.2 is now ready to download, and install. I have a Win 7, 64 bit machine, running i7 processor and 16 gig ram. Fast machine. I am able to download, then when trying to install, the installation freezes at “Installing 3rd Party drivers and software”. I have to cancel to get out of the installation process. I’ve been trying to get this to install for the last 2 hours, with no luck. I do live in USA, could this be the problem? Please help! This new upgrade sounds wonderful!!
    Thanks so much!
    Deanna Baldwin
    Sew Creative Embroidery

    1. Hi Deanna. Sometimes the local anti-virus stops applications installing. I would try disconnecting from the web, disable your anti-virus, then try installing it. Let me know how that goes!

  4. buenas tengo una consulta al utilizar la herramienta de texto y querer reformarla se distorsiona creando nodos rectos y deformando las letras solución tengo que seleccionarlo de nuevo y volver a reescribir la misma letra tengo el 4.2 de wilcom abra solución

  5. I have the last version of E3 which still has an annoying bug in it.
    When an object or part of an object is selected and you try to move it’s position using the keyboard arrow keys it does not move until you click on the select tool for a second time, then it will move.
    May sound like a small issue but when you do it 10,000 times, report the fault several times it becomes big. Please fix your previous versions before pushing the next one.

    1. Hi Susan. The update is free for e4 and e4.1 users. For e3 it’s best you contact your local dealer to get your local price. Where are you located?

  6. WOW! So much faster. Fantastic upgrade – love the new features so far. Font preview – major improvement. Color object list selection – YES, that was on my wish list. Thank you so much, this is great.

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