EmbroideryStudio e4.2 Printed User Guide now available

A printed EmbroideryStudio e4.2 User Guide is now available from Amazon.com for only US$49.

This 647 page comprehensive user guide covers topics including:

  • Object-based embroidery
  • Hardware & Software setup
  • Embroidery Digitizing
  • Digitizing with Artwork
  • Stitch Quality
  • Modifying Designs
  • Embroidery Lettering
  • Design Processing and Production
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11 thoughts on “EmbroideryStudio e4.2 Printed User Guide now available

  1. Hello Brenden. Is this the printed manual that is online…or is this lessons that you have created?
    Thank you – Joy

  2. Good question or at least let us print on our end.
    Was hoping the book would have been in color.
    A how to set up a two line team name in team names advanced
    Full list of available fonts with the min and max size for each font.

  3. I agree. Usually the User Guide comes with the program. Can’t be charging extra fees for items needed for the program….. I’ll be looking at other places for a useable program.

    1. The full manual comes free with the software in digital form which most people prefer (on-screen). We made a conscious choice to reduce our carbon footprint and move away from a massive box with a massive user manual in 2006, and since then made it all available digitally. We chose Amazon for print-on-demand for the small portion who want a printed copy as Amazon does local printing and shipping in most regions.

    1. Hi Royce. You can get the full digital version of the User Manual in PDF format from the software. Go to Help > Reference Manual. Is this what you were after, or a native Kindle version?

    1. Hi Myrlene,

      It is a slightly different book in terms of what chapters it includes. The PDF User Reference manual with the software is more complete in terms of the number of chapters.

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