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EmbroideryStudio e4 Update 4 is Released!

EmbroideryStudio e4 Update 4 is released!

Click here to download the full EmbroideryStudio e4 Update 4 Release Notes.

Summary of update

New or improved:

  • It is now possible to allow sequins patterns to overlap greater than 50%.
  • The shortcut command CTRL-D has been reinstated to allow an object to duplicate with a user-defined offset.
  • The shortcut command SHIFT-H has been created to allow a user to reset the entry and exit points of a run stitch object.
  • It is now possible to select colors in ‘View by Color’ and ‘Select by Color’ using keyboard shortcut commands.



  • Unwanted color changes were reported when opening some motif designs. This problem has been rectified.
  • The background color or product of a colorway did not update when the colorway was moved. This problem has been rectified.
  • It was reported that the entry and exit point of a Column A and Column B with coil stitch could not be changed. This problem has been rectified.
  • The top sequin of a ‘sandwich sequin’ design sometimes did not generate. This problem has been rectified.

Visit the Wilcom Help site to download ES Update 4. Visit now.

Enjoy and happy stitching!

26 thoughts on “EmbroideryStudio e4 Update 4 is Released!

  1. Hi Brenden,
    Do you know why this is not showing up when you inside of the software as an update nor does it show on the update page, only here. Is it just a delay since so new?


      1. Hi,

        Just installed e4. Do I need to manually install of the updates one by one since e4.1 or can I just install update 4 and it will cover all other updates since e4 was launched?


  2. Hey Brenden. How do I get the update from my office computer to the dongle on my embroidery machine computer (which is not on the internet) ?
    We moved a year ago. Make sure you call me & I’ll shout you dinner in the city if you’re up in Brisbane.
    A1 Uniforms.
    07 3822 3800
    0438 344 610

    1. Hi Steve,

      Hope you have been well! And I certainly will give you a shout when I’m up Brisbane way.

      The update is around 740MB so you should be able to copy it onto a USB stick and load it on the non-computer connected PC.

      Talk soon.

  3. Hello my dear, Brenden Prazner I am very pleased to hear about the great performance of the Wicom team to improve Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4, I just Update it.

    1. Hello Mr. Vichea,

      We can certainly help you with your update. I can see by your location you are in the Philippines. Our local distributor there is:

      Alliance Impact PTY Ltd.
      10 Anson Road, #03-09 International Plaza, Singapore, 079903
      +65 9188 9039

  4. Hi There, i have previously worked in NZ on e3 with all functions, how come now that i am now in Australia working for a start up company, they previously had the Lettering version of e4 & recently we have upgraded to the full e4 designing package, How come that we now have to buy accordion & User defined split as an extra add on? i think this is ridiculous & feel that we have been robbed

    1. Hi Ethan. Thanks for sharing your comments and thoughts.

      The change was driven from user feedback who said they want certain high-end features, but not all. Previously if you wanted Accordion, for example, you had to buy the top-end level for $12,000 or more depending on the region, even though you didn’t want all and won’t use all the top-end creative features. It was an all or nothing option. Now you can buy the top-end digitizing level for less than half of that, and only pay for the value-add elements you really need. i.e. Just the Shading and Open Fills element for $399 to get those capabilities.

      This allows a user to choose only the features they need and ultimately makes the software much more affordable.

      I hope this explains why this change was made.

  5. Hi Brendan, what are the chances that you can bring in the different patterns you get on Hatch for the Tatami stitching? That is such a stunning feature and really makes decorative fillings so easy and beautiful!

    1. Thanks for the comments Yolandi. I agree that bringing in some of the automated features into ES would make sense. I’ll add it to our list 🙂

  6. I currently have Deco Studio e2 software. It will no longer open on my Windows version 7 computer. I have purchased a new computer with windows 10. How do I upgrade my software to the newest version of Deco Studio software when my e2 dongle isn’t working anymore on my old computer and it isn’t going to work on my Windows 10 computer. Do I need a patch to download my old dongle to my new computer? And which new software would you recommend I purchase?.

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