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Eye of The Tiger Reef Element

Reef Photo Stitch Element

Today, Wilcom brings you their newest creative technique using the REEF PHOTO STITCH Element. All our Elements are specifically designed to simplify complex digitizing techniques giving you the edge.
Reef Photo Stitch

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Element

The Reef Photo Stitch creates a single color design that concentrates in darker areas. 

Pras, a Wilcom team member, experimented with the use of this latest Element and developed something really impressive.

His methodology borrows from the CMYK model traditionally used for screen printing.

The printers need CMYK channel separations to create their masterpiece. The design must be broken down to the individual color components, isolating each individual color. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and finally Black. 

Color Seperation

CMYK color seperations
When you apply this concept to embroidery and the REEF PHOTO STITCH, you come up with an extraordinary one-of-a-kind embroidery design.
Stitch Out
The Cyan & Yellow colors are embroidered with Magenta and Black still to come.
CorelDRAW Graphic Suite Integration

The integration of CorelDRAW® with EmbroideryStudio

simplifies the graphically process.

Learn The Step-by-Step Process

Ask us how you could use it in your business today!

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