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Faux Chenille Masterclass

Faux Chenille Masterclass

Chenille is a unique textured embroidery effect that is widely used in both fashion and sports textiles. Wilcom makes it easy for you to achieve a chenille effect today without needing specialty embroidery equipment!

The key to achieving the best faux chenille effect is to use thicker woolen thread. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything there is to know.

Understanding Faux Chenille Masterclass

e4 Bonus

The latest EmbroideryStudio e4.5 release includes 2 faux chenille fonts. The previously released YALE and the brand-new VERMICELLI faux chenille fonts will be waiting in your font library, with the perfect faux chenille stitch settings and density. FREE to all e4 loyal customers.

Let's get started

Faux vs True chenille

What is Faux Chenille


Traditional Chenille


The stitch type behind faux chenille

Quick Custom Designs


Tips for faux chenille embroidery

Tips & Best Practice


How to create your own faux chenille designs

Step by Step


Congratulations. You've finished!

Please accept 2 faux chenille logos as our gift to you.

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