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For the love of it! Sal Lucchese

I was introduced to Wilcom about 30 years ago when working at Melco/Sewing Machine Exchange (SMX) as an Embroidery Machine Technician. At that time, they were selling Wilcom software with all of their machines, and customers often asked if could fix or edit a digitized file. Not having the skill or training, I asked my boss if I could work with the Wilcom software in the office after hours and at home on my small laptop. It was the easiest and best software on the market.

Well, I was hooked! When I had free time at work &/or home, I would scan in everything I could find and digitize it. My boss saw how much I loved digitizing and working with the software that he asked if I would be willing to train customer when they bought new systems. 

Of course, I said YES!

Sal gives away monthly designs on his website. To download these and other “out-of-this-world” designs go to  click on Free Stuff.

My obsession with this newfound knowledge, moved me from fixing machines to training customers how to use the Wilcom systems.

A few years later, I opened a showroom for Melco/SMX in St. Louis and started selling Wilcom software with every embroidery machine. At that time, I traveled around the Midwest setting up mini demonstration events and at night I would digitize logos I found on flyers in the hotel lobby.  In the morning, I would get up early, sew them out, and use them in my demos for that day. 

I was hooked on Wilcom software, so much so that I convinced my wife to open an embroidery business. 

After working all day training customer, I would return home and digitize logos on our Wilcom system for our own business through the evening. 

TEX INC is my company, and I have been in business for over 22 years now creating innovative products and services for this industry, which I still LOVE Today! I continue to offer our customers high quality embroidery digitizing using the Wilcom software. It’s ease of use, functionality, and superior stitch quality 

makes Wilcom the best in the industry, and why I would not use any other digitizing system. 

I love creating beautiful work and give away a free design each month just to show off what I can come up with and hopefully drive more customer my way.

I am a Stitchaholic, and Wilcom is my drug for over 27 years now and love it!

Sal Lucchese
President TEX INC.
Embroidery Digitizing  & Hooping Devices & Much more!

TEX INC is The Leader in Embroidery Innovation.

TEX Inc's founders have been in the embroidery industry for over 25 years. Their knowledge extends to all areas of the industry - Sales, service, training, embroidery, digitizing, graphic art, and consulting.

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