How to Create Lettering on a Circular or Elliptical Baseline

To create lettering on Circular or Elliptical baselines choose the Circle CW or Circle CCW baseline depending on whether you want the line to arc over or under the logo

After typing the letters into the lettering property box select the baseline type, select the CREATE TEXT button and left click and release in the center of the proposed circle, move the mouse out to the right and left click and release again to establish the “X” radius, for a circle hit the enter key on your keyboard.

For an ellipse, Left click and release in the center move to the “X” radius, click and release, move to the “Y” radius, click and release.  For a CCW arc move the mouse down for the “Y” radius and up for a CW arc.

Establishing the center point for the baseline will make it easier to get perfect placement of your lettering when surrounding an existing logo.

To do this select the object that will be the center of your lettering and left click hold and drag from the corner of the ruler to establish the 0,0 point of the work area at the center of the object.

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