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Introducing WilcomWorkspace Estimator

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Announcing our newest addition to the WilcomWorkspace suite, Estimator.

What is Estimator?

Estimator is the perfect companion to WilcomWorkspace Studio, Wilcom’s on-demand embroidery applications. Designed as embroidery software for everyone.

How does Estimator work?

Easy to use

Estimator solves many of your quotation problems, saving you time and most importantly, saving you money.

Take your customer’s logo as a high-quality bitmap image and convert it to a stitch estimation in seconds. Using Wilcom’s proprietary cloud technology, you get accurate stitch estimations, leaving behind all the guesswork.


WilcomWorkspace Estimator


WilcomWorkspace Estimator


WilcomWorkspace Estimator


WilcomWorkspace Estimator

Why do I need Estimator?

With Estimator you can decrease your quotation times as you no longer require a professional digitizer or embroidery expert to calculate the number of stitches in a design. 

Now you can confidently provide accurate quotes in an instant, saving you hours and maximizing your revenue. And the best news is that it can all be done by support or sales staff.

Can Estimator help my business?

Estimator is a simple and affordable online app that adds embroidery expertise to your staff.

Quoting for a tight budget? If an estimate results in too many stitches, with a couple of clicks you can resize it and re-estimate in seconds.

You have complete flexibility and can re-estimate with incredible accuracy over and over again.

Can’t find sales or support staff with embroidery experience? Select the best person for the job and empower them with expert embroidery tools.


Can I send the estimate to my customers?

Once estimated, you can save the final Design Estimate as a PDF or print it out. 

The PDF file is automatically emailed to you, containing a view of the stitched image, the original artwork, along with the stitch count and other design details.


Can I use Estimator in meetings?

Estimator is a web-based, cross platform product. 

This means you can use it anywhere with an internet connection on PC, MAC or tablet device.

Precise and instant stitch estimations, every time!

Watch it in action!

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Available on PC, MAC and tablet devices.