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Locally Made – The Global Trend Continues

The world has been experiencing massive life changes over the last 12 months, and perspectives on how to run a successful business are changing as well.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a strong focus on ‘locally made’,  be that from the manufacturer or consumer. 


Manufacturers are looking to reduce their dependence on foreign suppliers, and customers are increasingly looking to support local businesses who may be ‘doing it tough.’

In the land of fashion and textiles, this locally made trend is growing substantially in the embroidery and digitizing space. In particular local embroidery manufacturers are witnessing a surge in demand from customers who require high quality and certainty of delivery.

The long-standing business trend to shift production off-shore is reversing, and this includes large & small embroidery companies. Not surprisingly this reversal is being termed reshoring.

A study here in Australia has shown that 22% of the surveyed manufacturing businesses have already reshored their operations


and intend to reshore their operations by 2023.

A global trend we do not see changing any time soon!

Key benefits of reshoring:

  • Customers are embracing “Made in local” products
  • Governments are supporting local industries with targeted financial incentives
  • Companies are taking back control over their supply chain through stronger local relationships
  • Lead times are more certain especially as accurate transit tracking is available
  • The quality of work is increasing as local expectations are higher
  • The increase in local volumes means that suppliers can once again become more competitive.

Wilcom is a proud Australian company, employing local talent with a strong focus on in-house development, marketing, sales, and support for over 40 years. 

The decision to limit off-shoring has helped us to consistently create the industry-leading products we have always delivered, so we strongly believe this is the way forward for most other companies.

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