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Mirror Merge

Create Perfectly Symmetrical Designs

with the Mirror Merge tool

Balance is the key to great design, but symmetry is one of the tools you can use to get there quickly. Here, we explain how EmbroideryStudio’s Mirror Merge tools works. For the most part Mirror Merge has two main function;

  1. Copy and MIRROR in Rows and columns.
  2. Copy and RADIATE objects around a centre point.

The process is to select an object and select any one of the tools from the toolbar
At the left end of the toolbar you can choose to Mirror on the horizontal/ vertical or both directions with the first 3 icons.

The 4th and 5th icons perform similarly, but you are able to set the number of rows and columns. You may also notice there is a setting to nominate the space between the rows and columns, you can also adjust these distances by dragging the mouse.

Icons 4 is the Array tool, and it copies and pastes the object facing the same direction.

Icons 5 is the Reflect tool, and it flips each second object so they mirror or face each other.

Mirror merge description
Mirror Merge Toolbar

Tool 6 is the Wreath tool and copies objects facing the same direction, Tool 7 is the Kaleidoscope tool which flips or reverses the direction the objects face. The Distance and Angle are measured from the centre of the created design but would usually be set by maneuvering the mouse on the work area, as demonstrated in the video  below.

Watch it in Action!

The Mirror Merge tool is part of the Auto Arrangement Element
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