More connected than ever before

Working from home

Your Wilcom Team

Some call it “working from home”, but we call it expansion! Wilcom can now proudly share that we have opened over 45 offices spanning across globe.

In all seriousness, our team is not only dedicated to you in the embroidery sense, but we are also dedicated to saving lives, and that means staying home!

How we do it?

Working at home doesn’t mean working alone. Our teams connect first thing each morning to assess what daily tasks and responsibilities will best help us achieve our goals.

We have been planning the move for weeks, ensuring all the IT infrastructure was ready, and together with our online project management tools, it’s really just ‘business as usual’.

Wilcom is truly more connected than ever before.

Many of the team have found themselves with a little extra help from their fur babies.


Wilcom has always seen itself as a progressive company, offering flexible working arrangements for our teams. During this challenging period, we have simply stepped it up.

Stay healthy, safe and productive.

The team at Wilcom

P.S. The team wanted to share a little ‘behind-the-scenes’ at our new office spaces. Enjoy!

Wilcom staff working from home
Great home set-ups to Before & After HOMESCHOOLING!

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