Motif Fill

Motifs in Easter egg designs

Motif Fill is standard in EmbroideryStudio Designing and Decorating.

As you can see in this image you can get some pretty funky designs combining Motil fill with 3D Globe out

Candlewick motif with 3D effect

To create a motif fill select the fill tool of choice.
Any tool that will make a filled shape including Column tools are able to be filled with a motif pattern.
Note if you have advanced Motifs then Column Tools will give you more options for how the motif is displayed.

Tool Selection for Motif Fill

Once the shape has been created and the object selected you can select a different motif from any of the sets available.

Note in the image above you are able to choose the X and Y Size of the motif

Column and Row Spacing
The column and row spacing can be changed in the property box as in the outlined image above.
Using the Layout button as below
Motif Layout

The 3 icons that appear in blue when the Layout button is selected can change the size, row spacing, column spacing and offset.
The bottom left icon  marked 1 can be dragged from any corner to increase the size of the motif a second click on the icon will activate the rotation point at the centre to rotate the rows.
Icon 2 can be dragged in any direction to change the row spacing and offset between rows and Icon 3 can be dragged along the row to change the column spacing

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Motifs in Easter egg designs
John Wright

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