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Motif Outlines and Columns

The Motif Run Tool is found in the Outline Toolset

Motif Run Tool

The reality is the motif is a property that can be assigned to any outline tool type. So after creating a running stitch, triple run, backstitch, stem stitch with any of the available tools in the Traditional or Graphic toolbars, selecting a motif will change the digitized line to a line of motifs.

To create the motif run from the get-go select the motif Run tool from the Outline Set.

Choose the Set and Pattern

Choose the motif set and from the side arrow at 2 choose a pattern, then a size. The spacing setting determines overlap or separation of each motif along the line. To calculate, add the distance you wish to separate the designs to the Size X i.e. if each motif is to touch then the Spacing would be the same size as the Size X.

After making your selection click along the path of the proposed sequin line and complete by making 2 ENTER’s on the keyboard.

To create a line of Motifs and adjust the size, click along the proposed line as normal and complete with one ENTER, move the mouse and left click and repeat until you reach the desired size then make the 2nd ENTER. You then may have to change the Spacing distance.

Motif Columns

Columns are created with either of the Column Tools.

  1. Column A
  2. Column B
  1. Digitize Column

Column Fill

After choosing the tool, select the column Fill type from the Fills toolbar or the Fills tab in the Property Box

Digitize the shape as you normally would.

You can select the Proportional or Fixed size settings before or after you digitize the shape.

Fixed and Proportional Columns
Fixed and Proportional Columns

“Proportional” is set as a percentage of the size X of the motif and it reduces in size proportionally as the column narrows.

“Fixed” locks the Size X and the motif adjusts to the width of the column.

Motifs in Easter egg designs
John Wright

Motif as a Stamp

There are four methods of adding a motif pattern to an Embroidery Design in EmbroideryStudio 4.5 Individually placed randomly (Stamp)As a RunAs a ColumnAs a

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Motifs in Easter egg designs
John Wright

Motif Fill

Motif Fill is standard in EmbroideryStudio Designing and Decorating. As you can see in this image you can get some pretty funky designs combining Motil

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