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Natural organic hand stitch effect for machine embroidery

Natural hand embroidery styled designs are popular, but difficult to produce by digital embroiders.

The latest EmbroideryStudio e4.5 feature is called  “Hand Stitch Effect.”  Apply this newest effect to your favorite stitch types, and you’ll have a natural hand-embroidered look that is highly sought after.

Hand Stitch Effect

The effect can be applied to satin, tatami, run, and backstitch.

You can also break apart different fills, such as Maze Fill and apply the Hand Stitch Effect to the resulting run stitches.

By adjusting the Hand Stitch settings, stitch length and angles, as well as the stitch mass or density, can add incredible natural texture to your design. 

Remember to use the Hand Stitch Effect tool in combination with EmbroideryStudio’s many other stitch types to create a truly organic design.

An essential aspect of creating a hand-look design is to create a sense of movement.

For that, we want to create random long and short satin stitches, as well as contoured runs to fill large open shapes. More importantly are the stitch properties. Decrease the density of satin stitches and open up the stitches with increased auto spacing. Remove underlay. Similarly, open up the outlines with a larger-than-normal run stitch length.

Finally, make sure to add stitch mass for that real hand-stitched look.

Open stitching can create a more naturalistic look. Hand Stitch Effect enhances it.


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The latest EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Elements

(Hand Stitch Effect is included FREE with EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing)

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Hand Stitch Effect

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