NEW IN 2020 – Wilcom’s EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device

Introducing EmbroideryConnect

Wilcom Launches the
EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device

Wilcom Pty Ltd today announces the launch of its latest embroidery product for 2020, the EmbroideryConnect WiFi Device.

For over 40 years, Wilcom has been focused on developing the world’s leading embroidery and multi-decoration design software, EmbroideryStudio.

Used by most embroidery designers all around the globe, it was time to deliver the perfect hardware device to bridge that important gap between the embroidery software and embroidery machine.

EmbroideryConnect is a small, yet powerful assistant that enables embroiderers to wirelessly manage and transfer embroidery designs between EmbroideryHub (EmbroideryHub included free in the latest EmbroideryStudio e4.5), and their embroidery machines. 

The perfect device to bridge the gap between embroidery software and embroidery machine.


This new device not only saves users an incredible amount of wasted time travelling back and forth through their shops and factories, but also enables designs to be selected via a standard barcode reader and loaded into the device, ensuring that the right design is used every time.

The device always remains connected to the embroidery machine, eliminating the costly wear and tear of expensive embroidery machine controllers and computers that is widely experienced daily by most companies. These are big money-savers.


There are many other benefits too such as encryption and security to keep designs and intellectual property safe, a growing modern concern. Powerful LED lights act as a visual notification so that machine operators can easily manage their designs. 

Powerful LED lights act as a visual notification so that machine operators can easily manage their designs. 

Scan the barcodes on your design worksheets and ensure the correct design is used every time.

EmbroideryConnect was designed to be used by all kinds of embroidery businesses. Whether they are smaller single-head embroiderers or larger factories with many multi-head machines, we wanted to create a solution that is plug ‘n play, simple to use and for a low-cost. All that is required along with the EmbroideryHub software, is a simple WiFi network, already found in most businesses and homes. Embroiderers can be up and running in minutes and reaping the benefits of this new technology from day one.” 

Richard Wienburg – Chief Marketing Officer.

EmbroideryHub is included free with EmbroideryStudio e4.5.

Manage all your EmbroideryConnect WiFi Devices in one place to help you run your embroidery business more efficiently. This is a huge time and money-saver. 

EmbroideryConnect was introduced in January 2020 at Impressions Expo in Long Beach, Printwear & Promotion LIVE in Birmingham and Colombiatex in Medellín.

Read more about EmbroideryConnect and make an enquiry today


Richard Wienburg
Chief Marketing Officer 

Wilcom Pty Ltd
For Release 10 January 2020

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  1. Can’t wait for this to come out…. so excited, it will make my life better.
    I have the new 40 free fonts. the pdf does not show the font Cresent Script. Is there a copy somewhere?
    Also, do you have a font list we can add to our website? Would be nice if the min and max size would show up helping clients see what is realistic for their project.

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