South Korea Copyright Infringement Prosecution

South Korea Copyright Infringement Prosecution

Wilcom has continued to expand its 2020 anti-piracy program within the Southeast Asia and East Asia regions, and we are pleased to announce our first significant success in South Korea.

Our team has prosecuted and negotiated a settlement with a software pirate vendor in South Korea. This individual had been active in the South Korean market for several years,and had sold illegal versions of Wilcom software to many customers during that time.

Using the services of a local attorney and with the support of our reseller, Wilcom was able to finalize a financial settlement for breach of copyright, together with the recovery of all legal fees. The prosecuted software pirate was forced to surrender their profits made on years of illicit dealings.

of years of illicit dealings surrendered.

This victory will enable Wilcom to continue to expand its anti-piracy program in conjunction with the Business Software Allicance (BSA) within South Korea.

As always, we encourages business owners who have unlicensed Wilcom software to make contact with your local reseller to discuss the options available to obtain a legal license.

The sensible commercial choice is to license your business with legal Wilcom software.

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Do you use or know about pirated software?

We understand that many may unknowingly buy non-genuine or counterfeit software from unauthorized resellers or online sites offering special deals.

To keep your business safe, it is recommended to uninstall non-genuine software and replace it with genuine Wilcom software. Contact your local authorized Wilcom dealer immediately and they will be very happy to help legitimize your licenses without facing any penalty.

Please email and report 

any reseller who sold you the non-genuine software. This will help ensure other companies are not put at risk.

Remember to always buy your Wilcom software directly from authorized Wilcom resellers, ensuring that you get the quality and peace of mind that you deserve.

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Report non-genuine software – 


Wilcom partners with BSA | The Software Alliance

Wilcom has increased their efforts to support legitimate licensed users by partnering with BSA | The Software Alliance.

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