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Auto Start End Update

In version 4.5 of the software the last stitch of the last object created is identified with a white cross (location of the cursor.)
When using the Stitch edit tool or traveling through the design the white cross identifies the stitch the cursor is located on.

The start and end point of the design is identified with the Cross in a Circle, as in the image below.

Turn TrueView Off

I recommend digitizing in Stitch View rather than with True View turned on.

Not only will you be able to see the start and end point as well and other properties such as Underlay and Pull Compensation.


True View

Start End - Underlay and Pull compensation not obvious

Stitch View

All properties obvious including the Start and End point

Travel Toolbar

Using the Travel toolbar will also identify the start and end points of a design.

Left or right clicking on the icons will take you back or forward through the design by whatever the icon represents.

The top icon being the home and end button or start and end points.

As you travel through the design the white cross will move to the point the toolbar has taken you to and helps to identify the stitch the cursor is situated on.

The Trim icon will take you backward and forward through the design and stop at every trim.

Check your version

If you have version 4 and you are not seeing the start and finish points as described check your version of the software.
At the time of creating this article I have version 4.5.1.

Access this information from your Home page in the software under the MY WILCOM TAB

My Wilcom

If you need to update your version 4 software visit the Wilcom Help and Download page here

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One thought on “Auto Start End Update”

  1. Hello John
    I have this version:
    e4.5.2 R2 12 Nov 2020 (
    and the start/end point looks like it always did, a red crosshair over a red rectangle.
    Do I have to change something?
    Best regards

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