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String Stitch Daisy Flower

String Stitch

At Wilcom, we’ve been showcasing our creative stitch types with different applications.

Today we showcase the String Stitch Element. It creates decorative ‘string art’ stitch effects, which consists of a series of overlapping ‘curved stitches’ to quickly create depth and movement in any design. 

These unique stitching patterns normally require manual digitizing and manipulation of the objects. 

String Stitch

String Stitch can be use with open shapes and closed-shaped objects, and is ideal for scallop edge shapes. 

How could you use String Stitch in your digitizing?

How to create this Daisy Flower

With the right tools, you too can be creating exciting textural designsSee how we’ve used String Stitch Outline in this modern daisy flower design. 

The flower petals are digitized using Contour Stitch (Curved Fill Element) and String Stitch is used to finish the curved petal edges. The yellow centre is also digitized with String Stitch Outline and produces this mesmerizing swirl effect. 

Completely different effects created from

 these 2 differently shaped objects 

String Stitch Properties

The main properties that control the look of the stitch is the Stitch Spacing and Chord Length. Chord Length is the distance between the edge of the stitches and the original line. 

The shape of the object will also play a part in how the stitches present, perfectly illustrated in the above design. The tight curved shape of the petals create a different stitch as compared to the tight circular flower centre.

The different String Stitch effects

Select either String Stitch Outline or String Stitch Fill

String Stitch
String Stitch
String Stitch Fill
String Stitch Outline

The Daisy flower and other embroidery designs are included FREE in WilcomWorkspace Studio. 

Plus, you can keep all the designs even after the trial ends!

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