Templates save time and Money by presetting standard properties for particular jobs.
In the example video below I demonstrate how to set up your thread brand and save to a NORMAL (standard) template.
Your thread stock is going to be standard for all templates so I suggest you start here.


From there you can create other specialty templates based on the NORMAL Template.
In the video I use a Cap back as an example of a Specialty Template.

The process is

  1. Set all the property settings required for the template.
  2. From the file menu select Save as Template.
  3. The software will default to the folder where the templates are stored.

Save as Template

In the normal template I recommend to leave the work area blank.
For “Specialty” templates I do save with images and text to remind me of the properties I have saved, that is my preference.

Once you have created your template and you wish to use it, select either from the file menu Select New from template as in the above image, or from the Home Page of 4.2
select New from Template.

New from Template

View the video below:


If you do not have a cap back image included in your Product Library then download from below and follow the instructions in the word document.

I have zipped the image file for security. If you need a free zip program it may be downloaded from this link.

Download 7 zip for free

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