Virtual Printable Embroidery with Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio

Virtual Printable Embroidery

An alternative revenue stream!

Embroidery is a unique, high-quality, premium decorating process that elevates any product to another level. However, embroidery is not the best decorating process in ALL cases. Contributing factors are lightweight t-shirt fabrics, low order quantities, insane thread colour changes, or high digitizing and embroidery costs.

EmbroideryStudio e4.5 delivers impressive technology that offers an alternative to embroidery. Printable Embroidery!

The rise of Direct to Garment (DTG) and Direct to File (DTF) machines, such as the DTFMagic 60 sold by The Magic Touch, means many new opportunities exist for decorators. Making printing quantity-one affordable!

Photos courtesy of The Magic Touch, UK

The ‘Capture Virtual Decoration Bitmap’ feature in EmbroideryStudio premium software allows designers to export embroidery designs at extraordinarily high resolutions. Override the preset resolutions and save up to 3,000 DPI with the width and height settings updating automatically.

Wilcom’s impressive technology accurately reproduces real stitches with thread shading and textures and displays sharp design detail. This makes it perfect for small or large rear shirt ‘virtual embroidery’ designs.

It’s even possible to large format print a ‘virtual embroidery logo’ large enough to advertiser on billboards or pull-up banners. 


The options are endless!

Never lose an order due to high embroidery costs again.

The next time your customer asks for a large embroidery design on the back of a t-shirt, consider virtual embroidery as a fast, low-cost alternative.

Offer Print Embroidery for

  • Lightweight t-shirt fabrics
  • Low order quantities
  • High stitch count designs
  • Insane thread color changes
 Print Methods Available 
  • Screen printing
  • Sublimation
  • Dye/Heat Transfer
  • Direct to Garment or Direct to File
  • Digital or large format print for Advertising

It’s easy to provide a printable embroidery PNG logo design to the customers for use on their advertising.

Watch how quickly this multi-color virtual embroidery design is printed on a DTG machine

A large embroidery design with over 30,000 stitches and any number of color changes could take up to 40 minutes to sew on an embroidery machine. However, the identical design exported to a printable file will print on DTFMagic 60 in under 30 seconds with a low ink cost.

All possible from the ONE embroidery software,
EmbroideryStudio e4.5

Available in Wilcom’s EmbroideryStudio Designing and Decorating software.

Possibilities are endless!

MIX printable embroidery with





Add interest with photos or vector graphics

Add bling with diamonds & bling, laser cutting, and laser engraving.

Add texture by combining embroidery AND printable embroidery.

Lower cost by embroidering with white polyester thread and printing color on top!

Find out more about printable embroidery!