Why Risk $6 Million?

Breaking News $6M at risk

Breaking news!

A Thailand based sub-contractor working for a well-known international sports company was successfully raided. Pirated Wilcom software was found in use on their premises, and the threat of legal action and subsequent criminal charges would have resulted in very damaging publicity.

These illegal actions, trying to avoid the investment in legal software licenses, placed the infringing company at risk of losing their entire business valued at over US$6 Million.

The company was forced to move quickly and acquire legal licenses to protect their business reputation and high-profile customer contracts. International reputable brands do not want to align themselves with any illegal activities or unethical behaviors within their supply chain, and the result would have ended their relationships.

The company was compelled to settle immediately without negotiation and incurred large legal expenses as well. This ultimately turned out to be far more costly than if they had operated legally or if they had chosen to come forward and asked Wilcom to assist in legalizing their business.

EmbroideryStudio e4.5.1 has just been released with support for Thai lettering, standard in all levels!

Now there are even more features & tools available to licensed users that pirated software will never have.

Don’t be caught out next! 

Wilcom will be increasing its anti-piracy efforts in 2020. Legalize today so you can work without the threat of risking your business operations. Wilcom will work with you to help make it affordable.

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Wilcom partners with BSA | The Software Alliance

Wilcom has increased their efforts to support legitimate licensed users by partnering with BSA | The Software Alliance.