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Wilcom’s Web Font Pack

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(valid with any purchase of EmbroideryStudio e4.5 software from 1st June 2022)

An ever-growing list of beautiful and fast‑loading web fonts is available online free through Open Source Licensing. These new typefaces are designed to improve the user experience.

The free licensed font families are available for use on any commercial website or application, making them popular with web developers. Widespread use of these fonts means graphic designers have started using them for logo creations, bringing consistency to business brands.

Wilcom has recognized this trend

As other companies have done, Wilcom has also borrowed from this trend and selected a  fast-loading open source font to brand our latest online product, WilcomWorkspace

The benefit is a responsive website with readable, quick-loading text, and the Studio and Estimator logos are consistent with the online product.

Our Gift to You

A pack of 10 popular web fonts professionally digitized and available with purchase.

Wilcom has hand-picked 10 of the most popular web fonts and professionally digitized them to help our customers digitize logos using this popular trend.

The font set are a complete 159 character sets, with the same quality as all EmbroideryStudio ESA lettering. Access full kerning and editing capability directly from your font library.

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Available with any EmbroideryStudio e4.5 purchase