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10 Tips to get the best embroidery results

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10 Tips to get the best embroidery logo result

Embroidery is a specialized field, and getting the correct information from your customer is not always straightforward.

Even other relatable professions may not understand what’s needed. Graphical detail is often confused with the embroidery requirements. This knowledge gap means poor quality information is provided, causing errors and delays in your embroidery process.

How often do you hear these questions?

Here is the logo I got from our website? Why do I need to pay you to create my logo? I already have one. Why does it take so long to get my order?

These frequent questions and customer knowledge gaps are ongoing business challenges. It requires the same technical information to be explained and delivered over and over againIn more complex cases, there are still problems with the job when it gets to the machinist. 

What if you could provide your customer with a quick cheat sheet?

Wilcom has collated essential embroidery information your customer needs to know in an easy-to-understand illustrated PDF book.

Your customer will be up to speed with enough embroidery knowledge to provide you with the correct artwork and information to complete the job, the first time. 

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