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YALE Faux Chenille ESA Font

The Latest Professionally Digitized ESA Font Created by Wilcom Experts

YALE in Faux Chenille

Faux chenille effects has taken the world by storm and is being widely used in both fashion and sports textiles. Due to this global popularity, Wilcom experts have created a new faux chenille ESA font for you to enjoy. 

Meet Yale!

Yale Faux Chenille ESA Font Set

Yale is an ESA Font or Embroidery Specific Alphabet

All Wilcom’s ESA fonts are professionally digitized keyboard alphabet sets, tested for reliable and precise embroidery every time. Everything is considered, such as perfectly embroidered corners, push and pull considerations, and underlay, all to ensure a professional finish.

ESA fonts are object-based, which means they are re-sizeable and adjustable and best of all, can be used over and over again.


YALE Faux Chenille Font with lettering art

With YALE faux chenille and all ESA fonts, each letter is connected to the keys of your keyboard. Use our new Yale font as you would any other Wilcom lettering. Try EmbroideryStudio’s ‘lettering baselines’ or ‘lettering art’, the text remains editable, making your options endless!

YALE Faux Chenille Font Size requirements

Height recommendation is between 50mm-100mm

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Old is new again with the look of chenille!

Traditional chenille embroidery requires expensive specialized attachments. Get the look with a standard commercial embroidery machine. 

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The Yale faux chenille is a complete set of quality letterings consisting of 159 characters.

YALE Faux Chenille Font 159 characters

RRP US$139 : The possibilities, endless!

Don’t spend time digitizing faux chenille text
or words manually. We’ve done the work for you!

Available as a gift with purchase

For a limited time only!

Get the exclusive Yale faux chenille ESA Font FREE! with EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing.

2 thoughts on “YALE Faux Chenille ESA Font

  1. Hello!
    Unfortunately this font is only free with purchase. I am using Wilcom more than 10 years, it would be nice, if long time Wilcom owners would also get this font for free.
    Best regards
    Stefanie G.

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