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Best-practice for faux Chenille embroidery

Tips & Best Practice

for ‘Faux Chenille’ embroidery!


The key to achieving flawless faux chenille is selecting the correct THREAD!

Burmilana wool blend embroidery thread creates an interesting texture and fills objects quickly. When paired with the correct stitch types, it creates the look and feel of Chenille without the need for expensive specialized attachments.

Madeira’s Burmilana thread is 3 x thicker than standard embroidery thread and comprises of finely spun wool and acrylic fibers at a 50:50 ratio. 

These combinations create its unique embroidered texture, but the spun construction & the wool component means it leaves behind a build-up of lint and fluff on the embroidery machines.

When choosing to embroider with Madeira’s Burmilana thread, a few considerations and machine maintenance are recommended.

Tips for the Best Results

Wilcoms’ recommendations

Bobbin Tension ​

Upper Tension

Needle Size ​

Machine Maintenance

Recommendations by Barbara Stümer, Wilcom Europe

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  1. Hi, this is really helpful tips and practical knowledge to perform faux chenille embroidery in a very easy way. This post is ideal for people who are looking to learn or update its knowledge about embroidery work. I think you have really worked hard to produce this information for the user and learner. Good job, keep posting.

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