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Tips and Shortcuts

We forget that we had to learn!

We all have skills that we perform without having to think about it, we become so familiar with procedure we no longer need to think about the next step e.g. riding a bike, driving a car, playing our favourite sport or instrument, everyday things that at one time were foreign to us.

Software is no different, learn the basics until you “OWN” the knowledge and you will instinctively use the software so naturally you will forget at one time you had to learn the steps.

A Great Place to Start - SHORTCUTS

Keyboard shortcuts will save you time when digitizing and give you an intimate knowledge and confidence. Many of the keyboard shortcuts in EmbroideryStudio are the same as in standard Microsoft products.

For example:-

CTRL C = Copy

CTRL V = Paste

CTRL D = Duplicate

CTRL N = New

Exclusive Shortcuts

There are over 130 keyboard shortcuts in the software many of which are exclusive to EmbroideryStudio, a list can be found in the Reference Manual under the Quick Reference menu item but I have extracted the pages and posted a download link at the bottom of the article.

I suggest learning a few each day or week depending on your available time and practice using them.

Tips and Shortcuts

Notice when you pass your mouse over an icon in the software, if there is a shortcut it will display behind the /   (F2)

ESC (cancel a comand) and “H” (to reshape) are two you will learn easily as they are used all the time, but less obvious are the F keys that activate the digitizing tools.

F2 Complex Turning

Open – Print – Learn

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3 thoughts on “Tips and Shortcuts

  1. Great video, just a question though. Do you know any reason why the Ctrl Z would be taking you right back to the begining of a design with no way to go back, so just loosing all work previosly done.

    1. Hi Emma,

      It sounds like a bug. Ctrl-Z should only undo one level. I suggest you raise a support ticket with the offending design.

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