Faux Chenille

Faux Chenille

May 13, 2021

The Chenille Effect David Sharp, a Wilcom UK customer, has used one of the numerous creative stitches in Wilcom’s  EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing to create the look and feel of Chenille without the need for expensive specialized attachments. He tells his story to Images Magazine. “This technique uses the Stipple Stemstitch in Wilcom e4.5 software; together with […]

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String Stitch Daisy Flower

String Stitch Daisy Flower

May 5, 2021

String Stitch At Wilcom, we’ve been showcasing our creative stitch types with different applications. Today we showcase the String Stitch Element. It creates decorative ‘string art’ stitch effects, which consists of a series of overlapping ‘curved stitches’ to quickly create depth and movement in any design.  These unique stitching patterns normally require manual digitizing and manipulation […]

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Anzac Bag Digitized

A Gift of Gratitude

April 20, 2021

A Gift of Gratitude There has never been a better time to reflect and remember the many men and women who have served us locally and overseas and those that continue to do so today.  Let us take a moment to express our gratitude for their service. The armed forces are responsible for their nation’s […]

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String Stitch

Texture with String Stitch

April 1, 2021

String Stitch for Easter Now is the time to experiment with textural stitch type. See what you can create with this uniquely traditional Indian stitch, called Paghadi Stitch.  The series of overlapping ‘curved stitches’ quickly create depth and movement in any design. How could you use String Stitch in your digitizing? String Stitch or ‘Paghadi’ […]

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Reef Photo Stitch - Cherry Blossom

Layer with Reef Photo Stitch

March 15, 2021

Paint with embroidery layers using Reef Photo Stitch Bring a logo or digitizing to life with layers of tonal thread colors. To produce this unique design, we use an image rather than a photo. We incorporate layers of varying shades, and the end result is like an embroidery painting. If you recall, the Reef Photo […]

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Working with Color

Working with Colorways

March 9, 2021

Working with Color in EmbroideryStudio To ensure customers get the correct colors embroidered every time they order. It’s important the digitizer records the different color options. It could be PMS colors for the corporate logos or different color combinations to match the garment colors.  This is used in the approval process, and ensures consistency in future orders. […]

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Introducing WilcomWorkspace

February 10, 2021

WilcomWorkspace is a new web-based application that allows you to view, resize, recolor, print and convert embroidery files to machine stitch files from any web browser on your PC, Mac or tablet device. Your perfect embroidery companion WilcomWorkspace is perfect for sales, customer service, production, or even your regular clients to view your embroidery designs […]

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Wilcom’s Social Distancing Production Solution

January 31, 2021

Wilcom’s Social Distancing Production Solution for your Workplace Safe efficient work processes In today’s world, keeping your staff safe is a priority, and Wilcom’s wireless embroidery solution is perfect for maintaining your social distancing protocols. This package is full of functional features and includes many Wilcom favorites, including the library of 226 professionally digitized embroidered […]

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Embroidery Design Editing Techniques

Design Editing Techniques

December 14, 2020

Frequently used tools & techniques in digitizing Whether a newbie or you feel like a refresher, this video walks you through some basic, but frequently used techniques for digitizing or editing. It provides a great overview to anyone looking to learn more about embroidery and digitizing. Set-up the project​ Prior to digitizing know the fabric […]

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Digitize without Digitizing

Cutout Embroidery

December 10, 2020

Leaving a negative area in your embroidery design not only saves lots of stitches, the process could be the simplest embroidery exercise you will ever complete. In fact, there is absolutely no digitizing skill required to make the file. All you need is a clear raster image and three tools. Heading Instant Smart Design Outlines and […]

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