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Auto-Digitizing A Smart Design Approach

Auto-Digitizing: A Smart Design Approach!

A Step-by-Step

Step into the realm of Auto-Digitizing – where embroidery meets technology! Get ready to explore Wilcom’s Smart Design feature that automates and streamlines your creative process.

Today, we’ll demonstrate how to elevate your designs by leveraging the automation capabilities of EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition, using the Smart Design feature.

Auto-Digitizing Using Smart Design


Image Adjustment: Reduce the bitmap image size to fit your hoop or as preferred. Try reducing colors to simplify the embroidery process. The goal is to maintain clarity while decreasing the number of colors. Here, we’ve reduced the colors to 13.


Refine Details: You may notice that certain details, particularly the black definition and white areas have been omitted. 

To ensure that all details are captured accurately, select the dropdown arrow next to Number 13 and change the black color to “Details.” Then, select Number 12 and change the white color to “Fill.” This adjustment helps preserve intricate details in the design. 


Additional Modifications: The embroidery is significantly enhanced. To further elevate it, we decide to eliminate the white background, while retaining the white detail in the fish belly. Additionally, navigate to the DESIGN tab and select ‘Remove Small Stitches’ at this stage.

Next, change the stitch type in the red section of the flag to Satin stitch to enrich its appearance. Once more, ‘Remove Small Stitches’.


Seamlessly Enhance Stability: Use the Outline and Offsets tool to generate a supportive underlay.

  • Select all, then access the Outline and Offsets tool.
  • Set the offset to -2mm (minus 2mm offset).
  • Retain only the object beneath the fish by deleting the rest.
  • With Tatami selected, adjust the fill spacing to 4mm.
  • Proceed to Object Properties, choose Underlay, and select Tatami for the First Underlay, adjusting the spacing to 4mm as well.

Admire The Final Auto-Digitized Creation!

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