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Creative Embroidery Features-Florentine Effect-Liquid Effect-Contour Effect

Unlock Your Creative Potential with EmbroideryStudio's Innovative Tools

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing is more than just software; it’s an invitation to explore uncharted territories of creativity and elevate your embroidery designs to a new level. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into three groundbreaking features now standard in the Designing level – Florentine Effect, Liquid Effect, and Contour Effect – inspired by the timeless artistry of Vincent van Gogh.

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition

Unveiling the Masterpiece!

Our journey begins with a tribute to the legendary Vincent van Gogh. 

Using the innovative tools in EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing, we’ve revitalized his celebrated self-portrait, infusing it with motion and depth using embroidery.

* Florentine Effect
* Liquid Effect
* Contour Effect

The Power of EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing Tools

Florentine Effect

The Florentine Effect adds texture and movement. It helps define a curved guideline in an object by automatically creating a fill stitch pattern that follows that curve and maintains a uniform density. Think of it as brushstrokes in a painting.

Liquid Effect

Liquid Effect adds a dynamic touch and applies dual curves to one object for added motion. Liquid Effect adapts stitching flawlessly, with a smooth transition between 2 curves.

Contour Effect

Contour Effects redefine precision. Digitize intricate stitch patterns that highlight the contours of your designs. Each stitch follows the outlines of any object to create an open fill that adds a sense of movement. Control stitch length, variants, offsets and more.

Inspiration in Action

Van Gogh

To demonstrate the limitless possibilities, our talented digitizer, Ai Matsumura, created a breathtaking artwork painting with EmbroideryStudio stitches and stitch techniques. 

This masterpiece showcases the fusion of technology and artistry, highlighting the potential of these tools.

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All these extraordinary features are standard in Designing.

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