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Elevate Your Embroidery with Captivating Perspective and Depth

Elevate Your Embroidery with Captivating Perspective and Depth!

With the user-friendly tools and intuitive features of EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing, you have the power to achieve stunning three-dimensional effects that will leave a lasting impression.

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Accordion Spacing feature

Say goodbye to the struggles of replicating shading and intricate details in your customer’s logos. 

Embrace the transformative power of Accordion Spacing and Color Blending as they revolutionize your embroidery journey. With these innovative tools at your disposal, attaining exceptional results becomes easily attainable in a fraction of the time.

Accordion Spacing is a game-changer in adding depth and visual interest to your embroidery.

Evenly vary the density along a shape creates a seamless gradient, giving the illusion of depth and dimension!

What’s truly remarkable about Accordion Spacing is its ability to achieve stunning effects with a relatively low stitch count, making it an ideal choice for large designs on garments like T-shirts, hoodies, and fleece.

Furthermore, this technique offers a range of eight (8) presets with adjustable density, so you have complete control over the color gradient, ensuring a perfect match for your design requirements. But that’s not all. Using the Trapunto tool automatically moves any underlying travel runs to the edges of the object, making them invisible. 

The result? Enhanced color gradient effects and streamlined production, eliminating the need for multiple trims.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Color Blend Tool takes your designs to another level. It allows you to effortlessly create smooth and gradual transitions between two colors, merging them using a combination of dense and open fill. The result is seamless color blends that infuse your designs with realism and depth.

EmbroideryStudio Designing Shaping Tools

All these features are included in EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition DESIGNING!

Mastering these manual digitizing techniques would take years of experience and hours of practice. EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing empowers you to unlock your full potential with just a few clicks.

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