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High-Impact & Low Stitch-Count Designs

Digitizing for High Impact & Low Stitch Count!

Every stitch, color change, and trim take up valuable machine time.

Minimizing trims translates to saving hours in the production schedule, as Janos Horvath, a Wilcom International veteran with incredible experience in the Indian industry, explains.

“Machines usually run at 700-800 stitches per minute for optimum results, and depending on the machine brand and model, each trim can take 3-4 seconds.”

The trim time is used to:

  • Slow the machine down to a stop.
  • Move the trimmer knife and cut the thread.
  • Restart slowly with a few stitches for the top thread and bobbin to safely catch up and form the first few knots.
  • Finally, return to regular stitching speed.

Try Creative, Open Stitch Types

EmbroideryStudio offers numerous open-stitch types that add texture and interest by filling objects with uniform run-stitch patterns, using a single trim and often fewer machine thread breaks. 

The challenge lies in the difficulty of concealing travel runs under the fill. This is where the ‘Trapunto’ feature in EmbroideryStudio Designing level proves to be invaluable. With a single click, travel runs are directed to the design edges, rendering them invisible while eliminating the need for potential trims.

Compare the 2 Designs



EmbroideryStudio Open Stitches

Both horse designs were created by Mai Huynh, Wilcom’s in-house digitizer. One employs traditional tatami and satin stitch, while the other uses Contour Stitch, Maze Fill, and Stemstitch. The latter results in less than a quarter of the stitch count and only 8 trims, as opposed to 31!

75% Reduction in
both Stitch Count and Trims!

EmbroideryStudio Open Stitches

By combining lower stitch counts, reducing trims, and eliminating thread breaks, you can boost productivity and cut costs without compromising the quality of your embroidery designs. Why not give it a try?

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