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Introducing Price Tables in Estimator

Introducing Price Tables

The latest WilcomWorkspace Estimator feature is sure to impress. The new feature generates real-time quotes for digitizing and production for the first time.

Enter your own digitizing and production price matrix into the new settings area for use over and over again.

Introducing price tables in WilcomWorkspace Estimator

Estimator uses your pricing and our stitch estimate to generate a comprehensive, accurate custom quote quickly.

WilcomWorkspace Estimator

The visual embroidery representation and the pricing information are available in seconds. View it all online or email your customer the full on-the-spot quote.

WilcomWorkspace Estimator

Estimator subscriptions offer so much today and will continue to expand and evolve with new features and functionality. All are available to existing subscribers, at no additional cost.

Watch it in action!

Create complete custom
quotes in seconds!

Available on PC, MAC and tablet devices.