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Leap Forward with Embroidery

Leap Forward with Embroidery

As we embrace the opportunities of this leap year, Wilcom is proud to take this significant leap forward in the world of embroidery with the release of EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition.

This leap year, the future of embroidery is defined by its flexibility, setting the stage for innovation and growth.

Embracing Flexibility and Innovation!​

Embracing Change with EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition

Enter EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition, a groundbreaking software that has redefined the landscape of digital embroidery. At first glance, it might resemble the software many around the world have come to love, but it has undergone a complete transformation beneath the surface. The foundation has been rebuilt, making it more powerful and versatile than ever before.

Freedom and Flexibility: Empowering Businesses

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition offers dongle-free access, enabling you to work from any location, anytime. This cutting-edge technology provides access to the software on multiple devices. Whether you’re in the office, on the move, or collaborating remotely with team members, you can effortlessly carry on with your embroidery projects.

Scalability and Adaptability

Scalability and Adaptability: Tailoring Your Embroidery Software

As your embroidery business grows or your needs change, you need software that can adapt. Easily add or remove licenses as your team expands or contracts, providing a flexible and cost-efficient solution. With our flexible pricing options, such as outright purchase, subscription plans, update and trade-in pricing, you can adjust and scale your software usage to match your business requirements.

Subscription-Based Innovation: Affordable Excellence

What sets EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition apart is the option of subscription-based access. Now, you can access cutting-edge technology without straining your budget. By opting for a subscription, you can keep your hard-earned money within your business while enjoying the benefits of the latest advancements in the embroidery world.

Don’t just keep up with the future,
define it!

Never Miss a Beat: Stay Ahead of the Curve

The EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing level is packed with a multitude of productivity and creativity features, boasting over 50 new inclusions. As technology advances and trends change, we are committed to ensuring that our subscribers always have access to the latest tools and functionalities. 

Say goodbye to the worry of falling behind or missing out on cutting-edge embroidery techniques. With the subscription plan, you will always be up-to-date and equipped with the best tools. You’ll be the first to automatically access the newest features and stitch types, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition at no additional cost.

Leap Forward to the Future of Embroidery

The future of embroidery is now, and it’s all about flexibility and affordability. With EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition, businesses can embrace change, respond to challenges, and stay ahead of the competition. Say goodbye to outdated software and hello to a new era of digital embroidery innovation. Don’t just keep up with the future; define it with EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition.

Take the leap year leap forward and elevate your embroidery experience with EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition.

Experience The Leap!

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