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Offsets for Vector Objects in EmbroideryStudio

Outline vector objects in
EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition

Did you know? Simple Offset and Outlines & Offsets tools in EmbroideryStudio Designing aren’t just for embroidery – they work with vector designs too!

EmbroideryStudio Outlines and Offsets

These powerful tools within EmbroideryStudio enable the seamless creation of outlines around vector objects, transforming your workspace. With these capabilities, you can effortlessly produce consistent vector and embroidery offset outlines around graphic files. It’s a game-changer for multi-decoration designs!

The only professional embroidery
design software you need!

Multi-Decoration Designs

The Offsets tools are ideal for multi-media designs, including badges, appliques, laser cut lines, and wherever a vector file is necessary.

Generate cutting lines rapidly using vector offsets or create embroidered offsets around graphic designs. In both scenarios, the tools function precisely as they do for embroidery objects. It’s easy!

Accurate and Efficient Tools

Achieve flawless results every time with perfectly distributed vector and embroidery offset outlines.

Once you’ve experienced the precision and efficiency of these offset tools, you’ll never go back to manual techniques for creating outlines around embroidered text, logos, or vector graphics. 

Create multiple outlines around embroidered and vector objects, all within your embroidery workspace.

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The Outline and Offset feature, previously in the Offsets Advanced Element, is now a standard feature in EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing level.

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