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Wilcom’s Lettering Art for Sports Logos

The Power of Lettering Art for Sports Logos

A Step-by-Step

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 begins in Australia, it’s an opportunity to discuss the power of fonts in creating sports and team logos. Here we use Brushed Script and Varsity fonts combined with Lettering Art.

Let’s discuss the power of using Lettering Art for logo creation.

Lettering art is a valuable tool for creating sports logos as it adds creativity, dynamism, and visual appeal. By shaping the text to fit specific contours, wrapped text seamlessly integrates with other design elements. 

This technique emphasizes the logo’s shape and movement, capturing the energy of sports while maintaining readability and adaptability across different platforms and sizes. 

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Follow our step-by-step instructions to create a captivating sports logo design.

Use Lettering Art with a Brushed Script and Varsity Font.

Women's World Cup Football


Here we have the classically sporty fonts, Varsity, and Brushed Script Fonts.

Use EmbroideryStudio’s Carla font for the word ‘Womens’ and select kerning to bring the lettering closer. Double-click the word to reveal the baseline, then select and drag to a slight angle.

Women's World Cup Football


The word ‘Football’ is created with EmbroideryStudio’s version of Varsity called College Font. (Yale Faux Chenille Font would also be suitable). The lettering art tool is used to manipulate its shape.

Women's World Cup Football


Finally, to connect the 2 fonts, the Outline and Offset Tool is used. This automatically outlines the words with multiple outlines and offset options. We decided on a back stitch followed by an offset satin stitch. Remember to click ‘Create offsets for holes.’ Each outline is independent of each other and editable.

Combine Lettering Art with Clipart or Shapes for Powerful Results

EmbroideryStudio offers an extensive library of clipart and basic shapes that can be integrated into your designs. You can choose from a wide range of designs, including sports items, flowers, animals, geometric shapes, borders, and more. The clipart and basic shapes can be resized, rotated, or modified to suit your design requirements.

Add Flags from Clipart

EmbroideryStudio Clipart

Use Basic Shapes for Shields

Women's World Cup Football

Use the power of typography and EmbroideryStudio’s lettering capabilities
 to create distinctive sports logos.

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