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Wilcom’s Predefined Baselines

The Power of Wilcom's Baselines for Sports Logos

As the highly anticipated FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 kicks off in Australia, it presents a perfect occasion to delve into the significant role fonts play in crafting captivating sports and team logos.

To achieve remarkable outcomes, we will harness the exceptional font collection and advanced lettering features offered by EmbroideryStudio e4.5. With its impressive array of options, we can effortlessly create visually striking designs.

In this particular case, we will employ the versatile Wilcom Lettering Baselines and opt for a classic Block font. 

What are Lettering Baselines

The lettering baseline refers to the imaginary line on which the letters in a word sit.

Designing logos with lettering baselines is a quick and effective way to add balance and structure. By incorporating lettering baselines, designers create depth and structure in the overall composition of the logo. Aligning the letters along a consistent baseline allows for harmonious visual relationships between the elements, resulting in a professional and visually appealing logo. 

The use of EmbroideryStudio's Predefined Baseline is as easy as 1-2-3

Additionally, using Wilcom Predefined Baseline makes editing and changes to the logo design a simple and efficient process. Each element is independently editable by size, font, color etc.

Women's World Cup Football logo

The Predefined Baseline is ideal for circular-shaped logos with lettering over, under, and through the centre of the design. See the steps below:


Type your 3 lines of words in the Lettering Properties box.



Select the Predefined baseline, and click the Create Text button.


Click and release in the centre of the design, drag out, and left click to release. To finish, just hit the enter key. Done!

Tip: To create a perfectly circular logo with horizontal text, hold down CTRL and release it after the enter key.

Easily Customizable

Each word is independently editable. Effortlessly modify the entire logo with just a few simple clicks. Modify any lettering, color, or stitch property.

For our American and Australian audience, easily change the word “Football” to “Soccer” while maintaining perfect balance. 

Use the power of typography and EmbroideryStudio’s lettering capabilities to create distinctive sports logos.

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