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Month: February 2024

Leap Forward with Embroidery

Leap Forward with Embroidery As we embrace the opportunities of this leap year, Wilcom is proud to take this significant leap forward in the world of embroidery with the release of EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition. This leap year, the future of embroidery is defined by its flexibility, setting the stage for innovation and growth. Embracing Flexibility…

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EmborideryStudio Digital Edition Color Photo Stitch

Welcoming the 2024 Year of the Dragon with Color Photo Stitch

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcoming the 2024 Year of the Dragon! In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, Wilcom is thrilled to present a magnificent dragon design highlighting a distinctive stitch type newly available in EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing. Our skilled in-house digitizer is all set for this creative journey! Which Stitch Type Should…

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Reflective Threads: Stylish Safety for Cyclists and Beyond!

Reflective Threads Used for Cyclists and Beyond

Reflective Threads Stylish Safety for Cyclists and Beyond! As cycling increases in popularity as both an exercise option and an eco-friendly means of transportation, we aim to seamlessly blend style and safety into the urban scene.  Imagine apparel that not only looks great but prioritizes rider safety, especially in low-light conditions. Introducing Madeira’s REFLECT-T50 A…

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