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Author: Eduardo Serje

Creating QR codes with CorelDRAW

Create a QR Code in minutes with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite By owning EmbroideryStudio e4.5 software, you also have a QR Code Generator at your fingertips! Integrated with EmbroideryStudio DESIGNING and DECORATING software is your own complete version of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite. One of the many exciting features is its QR Code Generator. A QR code…

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Installing Wilcom EmbroideryStudio on a Mac

UPDATE: At present, EmbroideryStudio does not support Windows on Mac with Apple M1 chip using Parallels Desktop. Click here for future updates. Can I Install Wilcom EmbroideryStudio on my Mac? What options do I have? Yes you can! There are basically two options, Boot Camp and Virtualization Boot Camp is a technology that allows booting…

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