Auto Digitizing with Decorating

From Bitmap to Embroidery

Instant Smart design

Instant Smart Design

If you have clean bitmaps with minor pixellation available then the Instant Smart design tool in the Auto digitizing toolbar can create an embroidered design in seconds which is ideal for quoting and in many cases an almost production ready file.

While Auto Digitizing does not replace a well digitized design it is certainly a great tool for estimating stitch counts and often will create the basics for a new digitizer to begin.

In this example the orange shield and lettering auto digitized well and only required a couple of adjustments.

These were performed automatically with the remove holes feature and the knife.

I decided to delete the borders to achieve better alignment of the start and finish points of the column, with the added benefit of creating the objects with the Column C tool, allowing me to adjust the column width if required. See the image below.

Remove holes from object

In this case removing the holes from the shape reduced the pull and push tension on the garment for better shape and less distortion and in this case actually reduced the stitch count.

In the images below the borders on the left have auto digitized as Column B’s making them more difficult to edit and keep a constant width.
The borders on the right have been auto created with the simple offsets tool and are Column C shapes which are easily edited.

Simple Outlines

Auto digitizing requires good art work and a good knowledge of how to edit a design.
It can be a great time saver if you have limited time and resources. 

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