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Customizable Thread Collections in WilcomWorkspace

Introducing Customizable
Thread Collections

No longer limited to only one thread brand. Select and use all the thread colors on your shelves.

Create your own unique company thread collection for the first time. Select colors from a massive range of embroidery thread charts and save the ones you own in your Thread Collection for use over and over again.

WilcomWorkspace Thread Collection

The Thread Collection feature is part of the WilcomWorkspace suite of applications. 

It is available in the Truesizer application to recolor your embroidery designs, giving customers a true representation of the final outcome. You will also see it in the Estimator application for your design estimate previews. 

Now you have the flexibility to view and use your own company thread collection anytime, anywhere from any web browser.

Feel confident investing in threads again with all colors stored in your applications.

The setup is easy

Simply click on the Settings icon (top right corner) and go to the 

Available in all WilcomWorkspace applications
for new and existing subscribers

Ready to try it?
Truesizer offers a 14-day trial

Wilcom is committed to expanding the WilcomWorkspace offering
with more features and functionality to come. Stay tuned!

Working with multiple colorways?

Use '+' symbol to add NEW colorways

Another new feature adding more functionality to your existing subscription.