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WilcomWorkspace Truesizer – Add multiple new colorways

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WilcomWorkspace Studio New colorways

Working with multiple colored garments?

Take your team’s productivity to the next level by creating multiple colorways for your embroidery designs online.

Add, change or delete embroidery design colors and entire colorways directly from your WilcomWorkspace Truesizer application.

Use '+' symbol to add NEW Colorways

Immediately view your newly added colorway with a new background color on-screen as a realistic embroidery design.

With the Customizable Thread Collections, you have the flexibility to view and use your own company thread collection anytime, anywhere from any web browser.

Select and Print Multiple Colorways

Select Colorways for Production
Create NEW Colorways
Print Production Summaries

Production Ready!

Download all the new colorways with the EMB file. Now you can select and print specific colorways for every production run. 

Feel confident knowing the backorders will have the same color treatment. All colorways are registered for consistent future use.

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