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Easily add motion and dimension with Spiral Fill

The Spiral Fill Element produces stitches that spiral OUT from the centre of an object.

It is useful when trying to emphasize movement in your digitizing. However, it works best with simple shapes that can be stitched in ONE segment.

Spiral Fill flower design
Easily creates motion and dimension with low stitch counts

The default property values produce tight stitches. In the object properties it is easy to increase the spacing of the run stitches to provide better flow in your designs. And as an added benefit decreases the stitch count. 

Try moving the centre node to create different unusual effects. 


As always use it in combination with other stitch types to create truly unique designs.
Watch it in action

Here we took you through the basics of the Spiral Fill Element.
 It is available as an EmbroideryStudio add-on Element.

Spiral Fill BIRD
Spiral Fill FISH

2 thoughts on “Easily add motion and dimension with Spiral Fill

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Yes, I agree they are beautiful. These designs have proven very popular. We will create a video showing how our experts have digitized the designs using mainly Spiral Fill Element. Stay tuned!

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