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Embroidery Story – Signature Clothing

We all have an embroidery story. This is Arn’s from Signature Clothing.

We started in a spare bedroom in 1989, with a single Toyota 820 and Wilcom ES 21, running on DOS on a lightning fast 386 PC with 256kb RAM. Funny now I think about it.

We started after going to a trade show when my wife was getting too many requests to do work on her domestic Janome sewing machine with an embroidery function.

We’ve since added another Toyota 830, a Melco 10 needle 4 head (one of only 2 in Australia), a Tajima 6 head and a Tajima single. The original Toyota is still going 30 years later.

We set up a corporate & business wear shop in 2001 and now run the largest corporate showroom in Australia. We added an industrial workwear shop in 2009 and sell in-store and next month online as well.

Our biggest mistake was not getting good advice about business structure & financing options, so we mortgaged our home to purchase machinery. I would never do anything other than leasing machines if I had the time over again.

We recently leased a Roland wide format printer/cutter to add digital print & heat press to our branding options.

I’m running 2 Wilcom systems, one in design, one in production, loving the extra speed of the 64bit e4.2.

Check out Arn and the Signature Clothing team at

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One thought on “Embroidery Story – Signature Clothing”

  1. Thanks for the share Brenden.
    Wilcom has been with us since the beginning, and upgrades along the way have kept us at the pointy end of the game.
    The recent upgrade to the production system to 4.2 has improved our productivity, no longer converting files via Truesizer to save back so many versions, just email between my design system, our outsource designers & the production team.
    I must add at my growing years learning the print system software has been a lot more challenging than it was to learn es.

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