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EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition-Your Questions Answered

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition:
Your Guide to the Future of Embroidery Software

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition represents Wilcom’s cutting-edge evolution of our flagship embroidery software. In alignment with industry benchmarks, we are steering ourselves confidently into the future of software technology.

Your Questions Answered

How is EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition (Digital Edition) different from  EmbroideryStudio e4.5 software?

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition offers the software you already love, now powered by advanced technology. Unlike its predecessor, Digital Edition eliminates the need for physical dongles, eliminating worries about loss and expensive replacements. This upgrade guarantees users seamless access, providing unmatched convenience and security, all without the hassle of dongles, making it a smart and user-friendly choice.

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Is Digital Edition cloud-based?

No! EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition is not cloud-based. The software must be downloaded, installed, and activated, ensuring users have complete control over their work directly on their devices. 

Can I exchange my dongle for Digital Edition?

Yes! EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition operates on newer, advanced technology and is a paid update. 

Submit an inquiry, and a Wilcom sales representative will get in touch with you. ENQUIRE

Do I need to create a Wilcom account for Digital Edition?

Yes! All customers must create a Wilcom Account with a password and email address, which will be validated by Wilcom.

If a customer subscribes to WilcomWorkspace or has previously trialed WilcomWorkspace, then the same Wilcom user account details can be used to download the Digital Edition.

Can I install Digital Edition on more than 1 computer? 

Yes! Wilcom understands today’s hybrid work environment. Digital Edition can be installed on up to three devices. However, please note that only one device can be actively used at a time.

This applies uniformly to both perpetual license holders and subscription license holders.

If you wish to add a fourth device, you can access the My Wilcom page within the software and delete one of the existing devices.

Payment Options

What are the license and payment options for Digital Edition?

Flexible and convenient payment options are available to meet business needs.

Perpetual License: A one-time payment, single-user license is available on The up-front payment method is available for all 4 levels.

Subscription License: A single-user license available exclusively on, with annual and monthly subscription options. Available for the Designing level only.

Can I purchase Digital Edition in the same way as previously? 

Yes! A one-time purchase for full single-user license ownership is available on requiring periodic internet verification. You should connect to the internet at least every 20 days.

One-time upfront payments are available for all 4 software levels.

You have the freedom to choose your preferred purchase method!

Can I purchase Digital Edition on a subscription payment plan?

Yes! A single-user license is available exclusively on, with annual and monthly subscription options. Specifically available for Designing only.

Why should I consider a subscription payment plan?

A subscription to EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition Designing offers several benefits:

Flexibility: Subscriptions provide flexibility with both annual and monthly payment options, allowing you to choose what suits your budget and usage.

Continual Access to Latest Versions: Subscribers receive free updates when new software versions are released, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and improvements, at no additional cost.

No Upfront Costs: Subscriptions typically require no upfront purchase costs, making it easier to start using the software.

Convenience: Subscriptions are managed online, and there is no need for physical dongles or product keys.

Free Technical Support – Always have access to free technical support.

Does a subscriber need to pay for software updates?

No! All future full software product updates are included in the cost of the subscription.

New Elements released during the term of the subscription are excluded but can be purchased and added to an existing subscription.

Is there a mimimum term for monthly subscriptions?

Yes! The minimum monthly term is 12 months.

Can I swap from an annual to a monthly subscription or visa versa?

Yes! In markets where the monthly subscription is offered a customer can cancel an annual subscription at the end of the annual subscription term and purchase a monthly subscription, with the same Wilcom user account.

A customer can also commence an annual subscription at any time and cancel the monthly subscription with the same Wilcom user account.

Can I purchase additional add-on Elements for Digital Edition?

Yes! You can explore and purchase available elements and add them to your license as needed. Ensure the add-on Elements are compatible with your software level. You can find it on the My Wilcom page of your software and on the Wilcom website.

Existing Wilcom Customers

As Wilcom customer, do I get a special update price?

Yes! Existing customers who own e3 and e4 – e4.5 versions of the software may be eligible for a special update price. 

Contact your Wilcom sales representative for a no-obligation quote. Simply add your Dongle Number in the comments section for an individual quote. ENQUIRE

As a Wilcom customer, can I opt into the subscription plans?

Yes! However, Wilcom customers have a special update path with special one-time purchase pricing. For the Designing level, both annual and monthly subscriptions are available to all.

Please contact your Wilcom sales representative for a no-obligation free quote. ENQUIRE

Can I keep my current dongle if I update to Digital Edition?

No! Your old dongle must be returned to Wilcom within 60 days unless you purchase a new license of Digital Edition. Second licenses are available at discounted prices.

Internet Connection

I’m not connected to the internet all day, can I still use Digital Edition?

Yes! You can use EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition offline for up to 20 days without an internet connection. However, for security reasons, you must verify the license by logging into your Wilcom user account at least once every 20 days.

After 20 days without an internet connection, certain features will stop functioning due to anti-piracy protection measures.

Please note that an internet connection is necessary to export files to an embroidery stitch file or when initially downloading the software.

Why do I have to connect to the internet every 20 days?

Connecting to the internet every 20 days is a security measure implemented for anti-piracy protection. The periodic internet verification helps maintain compliance with the digital license, adding an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized use of the software. 

Implementing these measures ensures integrity and fair competition within our industry. It creates a level playing field for all users, promoting a secure and ethical environment for everyone.

Test Drive Digital Edition

How can I access a trial version of Digital Edition?

Anyone can download a single FREE 14-Day Trial of EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition from To access the trial, you’ll need to create a Wilcom User Account. 

Can I trial all levels of Digital Edition software during the trial?

Yes! You can test drive all 4 levels of EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition during your 14-Day FREE Trial.

What are the limitations of the trial version of Digital Edition?

You are free to try all 4 levels of Digital Edition during your FREE 14-Day Trial with no need to provide any payment details and no credit card requirements. Please note the following limitations:

  • The trial does not include add-on Elements or CorelDRAW.
  • Export a maximum of up to 30 designs to stitch files.
  • Save to current EMB file format only.
  • All embroidery files saved as a newer EMB version will not open in previous versions.
  • NOT available for Mac.
  • Internet connection required.

What file formats are supported when saving files in the Digital Edition trial version?

You can only save in the current Digital Edition file format in the Trial version. However, with the paid Digital Edition and an internet connection, you can save files down to the older e2 .EMB format, ensuring compatibility with legacy software versions.

Do I need to create a Wilcom account to download the trial?

Yes! All customers must create a Wilcom Account with a password and email address, which will be validated by Wilcom.

If a customer subscribes to WilcomWorkspace or has previously trialed WilcomWorkspace, then the same Wilcom user account can be used to download the Digital Edition trial.

What if I’m new to Wilcom software?

No problem! Accessing the trial will unlock seven exclusive how-to videos designed to kickstart your embroidery journey. These videos will guide you through the software and help you get started with confidence.

Can I purchase Digital Edition online at the end of the trial period?

Yes! New licenses can be purchased on the Wilcom website. If you’re updating or upgrading from older Wilcom software versions or trading in a competitor’s software, you may be eligible for a special Digital Edition price.

Please contact your Wilcom sales representative for a no-obligation quote. ENQUIRE

Mac Compatibility

Can I install Digital Edition on a Mac?

Not at this time! Digital Edition trials and full licenses are not available for Mac’s, or virtual machines such as Parallels. It will be available soon.

What's New!

What are some of the standout features of Digital Edition?

EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition is the latest embroidery software release. The Designing level of the software now includes 7 of our most popular add-on Elements as standard, delivering over 50 new individual Productivity/ Creativity features, including CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2023.

  • FREE 14-Day Trial is available for immediate download on our website.
  • Exclusive how-to-videos are available with the FREE 14-Day Trial.
  • Flexible payment options. One-time purchase or subscriptions. 
    The choice is yours!
  • For new features and enhancements. Check out What’s New
    Worth noting is support for Coloreel ‘CSE’ file and Hatch 3 ‘EMB” files.

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